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Sports Massage in Wilmington, DE 19808

All of our massage therapists must have a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology, in particular the muscular and skeletal systems. This knowledge is especially important when you are seeking sports massage therapy. Massage itself is used to promote relaxation and improve circulation to soft tissues and joints. However, sports massage takes this further by having greater knowledge of the actions of the muscles and an understanding of the factors that can cause pain within these tissues, so it can correct the underlying cause rather than just give relief.

Sports massage concentrates on the individual muscle needing the treatment and stretches the fibres in opposing directions, improving elasticity and breaking down scar tissue further. This is excellent for long term problems such as neck and shoulder tension. Primarily the effect is a reduction in pain, achieved naturally as the massage releases the natural endorphins that go directly to the injured site. Increased tissue elasticity promotes greater movement of the surrounding joint. As scar tissue is broken down circulation improves allowing the body to heal naturally.


Almost anyone who is physically active can benefit: musicians or office workers with overuse injuries; people with physically demanding jobs; active people coping with aging and its accompanying effects; those who generally suffer from small injuries and loss of elasticity in their joints; and, of course, anyone who partakes in recreational sports or fitness activities.

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