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Massage Membership Plans

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A 90 minute massage is a full body massage however, it allows a little extra time for each area.  This is a great choice for you when you feel like that last 60 minute massage “was just not long enough.”  About 45 minutes would be allotted to the back and neck area, or other area of complaint. Each arm and leg also has a little extra time for some focus work or deep tissue work.

Many people enjoy this as it allows enough time to slow down, relax and benefit from the therapeutic effects of massage therapy. 

60 min jpg.jpg

A 60 minute massage allows enough time for full body work.  A typical session would involve about 20 minutes on the back and neck area, 7- 8 minutes to each arm and leg (including the buttocks and feet) and about 10 minutes to the upper neck, scalp and face.


Since our massages are customized, the approximate time frame and varies from appointment to appointment depending on where you may have complaints that need focus work. 

30 min jpg.jpg

A 30 minute massage typically focuses on a specific area of complaint and does not include the whole body, there is just not enough time. This is a perfect appointment length for you if you are limited on time or don’t want full body work.


Since may of us store tension in our upper back and neck, this a typical complaint and focus for a 30 minute session. This is also a good length of time to focus on shoulder complaints and work on the tight muscles of the chest, neck and upper back to help free the shoulder joint as well as migraine headache relief.

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