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Flu and Cold Safeguards

Our daily precautionary practices and standards.

Businesses such as ours have closed environments that are designed for one on one interaction and could become the perfect breeding ground for germs and viruses to spread.


At Limestone Therapeutic Massage we have always followed strict guidelines in general cleanliness, disinfection of massage therapy rooms and equipment, and employee hand sanitation. We are diligent in preventing the spread of viruses in our massage therapy office. 

One of our simplest precautions is that we respectfully ask for any client, patient or employee who is ill to please stay home and to reschedule their appointment. It is important for anyone experiencing flu and cold symptoms to rest and let their body recover from the effects of the virus. 

The following practices are implemented daily and may increase in frequency during times of severe cold or flu outbreaks.

1. Every staff member, client and medical patient is screened daily for COVID19 symptoms. Staff members who are ill are not permitted to work until they present with no severe symptoms.

2. Facial masks are optional at this time.

3. We have implemented many new protocols as advised by the CDC in regards to social distancing and general client interaction.

4. High-touch surfaces and objects such as countertops, door handles, phones, and computer equipment, are frequently cleaned and disinfected throughout the building by using Lysol spray and Lysol/Clorox wipes.

5. Our therapy tables are cleaned and sprayed with Lysol spray before being dressed for each appointment.

6. Employees wash their hands with soap and use hand sanitizer BEFORE and AFTER each client or patient session.

7. Hand sanitizer is available for employee and client use in each therapy room, in our office lobby as well as near the restrooms. Sanitizer should be used when entering our office.

8. Our linens are laundered and sanitized by a commercial and medical grade laundry service.

9. Visibly ill clients will be required to reschedule their appointment to avoid the spread of an illness to our office employees and other clients/patients. In turn, employees are required to stay home if they are ill. Clients with appointments who are affected by a therapist being ill, may accept an available appointment time with a different therapist for that day or they may reschedule with their preferred therapist for a future date.

Thank you for your understanding of our health policies.

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