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Cupping Therapy in Wilmington, DE

Cupping Therapy is an exceptional technique for trigger points because it will lift and stretch the tissues of the body, separate fused and tightened bands of muscle, and increase blood flow all without producing additional inflammation. The suction created by the use of the cups pulls the blood from the arteries to the capillaries, cleanses it, then returns it to the veins. This action mimics the function of the body's circulatory system. The lymphs are drained, adhesions are loosened, tissue is released, inflammation is relieved, blood flow is stimulated, and the nervous system is sedated.

When you receive a regular massage a therapist will use their hands or hand held tools to apply pressure so that he/she may go deep into the muscles to release knots and tension from the congested tissue. Cupping is the EXACT OPPOSITE in that the technique involves LIFTING the skin and tissue away from the bones, releasing muscle stress from the body. Cupping is less painful than deep tissue release and helps to create healthy fascia tissue while eliminating any harmful toxins from the body. 


What to know BEFORE scheduling a Cupping session.

1. Some conditions including uncontrolled Diabetes and uncontrolled blood pressure are contraindicated for cupping so talk to your doctor before booking an appointment.


2. There are some after care instructions that are strongly urged to clients after a cupping session.
(See Aftercare Instructions)

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