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Customized Massage in Wilmington DE

A customized massage is our most requested massage and perfect for those who are in need of pain relief but unsure which technique to request. Our Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT's) are educated, experienced and highly referred to by physicians to treat their patients. Each therapist specializes in many pain relieving modalities/techniques, all of  which may be used during a custom session. Typical techniques used are Swedish/relaxation, Deep Tissue, Sports and Stretching, as well as several other pain management techniques such as Myofascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage.


Before each custom session begins, the therapist will take the time to do a consultation using information provided on the clients intake form and discuss the goals for the session. At Limestone Therapeutic Massage our goal has always been to relive pain, exceed expectations and to provide long-lasting results.

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