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Our Clients Rights and Protection

To report unethical behavior, call our anonymous tip line at 302-510-4365

The staff at Limestone Therapeutic Massage promise to ensure that our existing safety standards as well as State and National Ethic requirements are met by our employees and will seek lawful assistance if ever required. Our commitment to our patients, members and clients is to always provide an inviting, professional and safe environment. 

There is always the potential that the treatment received by a client may not be perceived by that client as fair or appropriate. To safeguard against any mistreatment of a client, or any failure to provide quality care, or inaccurate accounting regarding client charges, Limestone Therapeutic Massage has established a complaint procedure whereby the patient/client can make his or her concern known. If a client or patient is injured during a massage treatment we advise seeking medical attention as soon as possible. 

The basic procedure if you have a complaint or concern is as follows:  

A patient or client who expresses dissatisfaction will be instructed to talk to a member of management regarding their complaint or grievance. Depending on the severity of the complaint additional steps may be necessary, not excluding contact with law enforcement on behalf of the patient, client or employee. Complaints and grievances will be investigated and resolved within 30 days whenever possible.  

We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all our clients, patients, and employees. Our management team will do everything in their ability to address every and all concerns, reports, and/or misconducts by our employees. 

To anonymously report any problem, concern, or misconduct to Limestone Therapeutic Massage, we ask customers/patients to contact a member of our management team immediately or by calling 302-994-2912. If you prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to call our tip line number 302-510-4365 to leave a message for our General Manager Michelle Hudson. We would appreciate as much information as possible; and if you are comfortable leaving your name and phone number we will follow-up with you regarding the incident and/or immediately report the incident to the proper authorities on your behalf. 

Another avenue to contact us anonymously is to create a new Google, Yahoo, AOL or other email account and send an email directly to from that account. Your issue will be addressed promptly and investigated thoroughly.  


General Manager: 

C. Michelle Hudson, GM 

(302) 510-4365 or (302) 994-2912 

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