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David Talmo, LMT

License #: MT-0003773

Since joining Limestone Therapeutic Massage in 2013, David’s focus has been on learning and practicing Myofascial Release Therapy – John Barnes Approach (MFR), and applying the principles into each of his sessions. Research has found that chronic pain and tightness in muscles is caused by trapped inflammation due to restrictions in the surrounding fascial tissue, and can be released for more long lasting results with treatment. MFR gives us the opportunity to let go of physical pain and restrictions that may hold us back from reaching our full potential.

The key difference between MFR and Massage Therapy is that the therapist will often hold positions of compression and stretch for 3 -5 minutes, thus allowing the fascia - the highly complex connective tissue that holds us together and is present in every cell of our bodies - to soften and release.

David’s passion for bodywork began early on, when as a 7 year old his father was injured in an automobile accident and suffered from chronic neck pain and migraine headaches. Each night after dinner David’s massage would offer his dad much needed relief. Many years later, David decided to change his career path to follow his dreams and enrolled in massage therapy school.

David continues to develop and refine his skills with regular participation in MFR continuing education classes, and by leading a monthly Study Group with fellow therapists. He believes in creating an ongoing wellness partnership with his clients and will often integrate MFR with massage, cranio-sacral therapy, and energy work depending on their needs during each session.

  • Medical Massage

  • Workers' Comp Certified

  • Sports Massage

  • John Barnes- Myofascial Release Technique

  • Customized Massage


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