Byron Hobson, LMT/Business Owner

I have been doing massage my entire life. Growing up in my family, it was always "I'll rub your back if you rub mine." I can remember putting my teachers to sleep in the 4th grade.


Some time passed, then I was off to the University of Delaware to earn my undergrad degree in Psychology, where I had a strong interest in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology. This is the study of the effects of stress on the immune system and body function.


After graduation I went to work, as all good Delawareans do, trading mutual funds for Wilmington Trust. I really started to see first hand the role that stress plays in our lives. After about 3 years, I decided to go to school for massage with a little nudge from my family. I began to realize that I truly do enjoy working wih the body and like to see those around me in good health and in a state of mental well being.


After 21 years, Limestone Therapeutic Massage is a family of many talented, like minded friends. Please come and meet each of our therapists and let us help you in your journey of health and well being.