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The purpose of our Medical intake forms is to determine an appropriate treatment plan to address the therapeutic goals of our patients. The treatment plan is based on the current condition, health history, intake interview, and the findings of assessment procedures. Assessment procedures may include postural and movement observations, palpation, objective evaluations (e.g., range of motion), and special tests.  A therapist’s clinical reasoning skills, scope of practice, training, and experience, in addition to the interests, concerns, and informed consent of the patient, will influence the planning process.

Auto Accident Medical Forms
Workers' Comp Medical Forms

IMPORTANT NOTE: These forms should be completed only by those who have been given a prescription or medical referral by a physician for therapy as the result of an Auto Accident or Workers' Comp injury. We have provided these forms in advance as a DOWNLOAD for our NEW MEDICAL PATIENTS. Please bring the completed forms to our office at the time of your first appointment and allow up to 30 minutes for completion.