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Best for mild tension and general relaxation.

60 minute session


Massage session includes a combination of techniques custom tailored to the needs of the client that day. Normally included are Swedish relaxation, deep tissue or neuromuscular trigger point therapy and assisted stretching.



Reduces chronic stress, tension and painful areas.

90 minute session


Allows enough time to enjoy a full body massage with concentrated relief on areas of high tension, stress and pain and using a variety of modalities.



Perfect for tension headaches

30 minute session

This is a fantastic solution for instant pain relief when you don’t have a lot of time, or for chronic pain that requires extra targeted attention.


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Savings Options

Become a member!

90 minute membership

$94.95/ month

60 minute membership

$64.95/ month

30 minute membership

$37.95/ month

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Purchase a series

(5) 90 minute massage sessions

No expiration. Some restrictions apply*


(5) 60 minute massages

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(5) 30 minute massages

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Add On Extras

Add an enhancement to your 60 or 90 minute massage

CBD Oil                  +$30

Cupping Therapy    +$20

 Cupping is a great addition to a normal treatment especially for those suffering from chronic pain, poor circulation, or inflammation. Massage cupping works by creating suction on the body's surfaces and moving over the skin. Various techniques can be used such as gliding, shaking, popping, rotating, or simply parking the cups for a short time over a specific area. 

Hot Stone Therapy    +$20

Through the relaxing application of smooth, water-heated basalt stones of varying sizes to key points on the body, Hot Stone Therapy is a deep massage creating sensations of comfort and warmth. The direct heat relaxes muscles, melts away tension, and reduces stress to promote deep relaxation. 

Experience what the power of Happy Buddha Hemp CBD oil can do for you! When you add CBD Oil to your 30, 60 or 90 minute customized massage, you will receive .75oz (94mg) of Full Spectrum CBD Coconut Oil Rub applied by the therapist to your specific areas of pain and discomfort. Clients are encouraged to take home the excess oil and use as needed.