CBD Oil Massage

Many of our clients and patients have asked us about CBD Oil and how it could possible help them on their road to recovery so we decided to form a focus group of therapists and tested many different brands to find the right one for our clients. There are so many brands of CBD on the market and it's so easy to get fooled by product claims and colorful packaging. We have to admit, most of us had been fooled too!

Within the focus group, our therapists evaluated each test product on it's effectiveness, purity, cruelty free, organic, non-corporate funded and whether it was produced free of anything artificial. Well it was a long 4 months of testing, but we finally found everything we were looking for in the brand Happy Buddha Hemp! Learn more about this amazing small business located in Paonia, Colorado. They handcraft their CBD product in small batches to ensure ultimate quality and freshness. Samples are available here in our office. Clients may add CBD to their massage for a $20 upcharge and we encourage clients to take home with them any unused product to use as needed.

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